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Our culture

At Ranalter Thomas,we believe our collaborative culture is what sets us apart from our competitors, with over 100 years investing.


Honesty & Trust

With one of the highest ethical standards in the industry, integrity is at centre-point of our relationships with clients. Our company and members strive hard to earn and maintain the highest levels of trust.

Keeping ahead of the future

Consistent innovation is critical in an industry that is always moving. Our focus on education and development of our team, enables us to handle the changing needs of our clients.

Global Collaboration

With a global presence, we value the collaboration between our members — it is a essence of our corporate culture. Our clients get the feel of a family-run business, with the resources of a global firm.


Ideas have no chain of command. Our open-door-structure allows for the exchange of ideas. This way everyone has a voice. We encourage positive feedback and development among our members.

A Firm with Humanity

At Ranalter Thomas, we appreciate that careers and lives are not all linear. Acceptance of this ebb and flow of life is an important piece of who Ranalter Thomas is as a firm.

Dedicated to collaboration

We strengthen our collaborative culture by incentivizing our investment teams to share their insights with each other as we strive to create better outcomes for our clients.

Collaboration in action: Our daily Morning Meetings

Every morning, hundreds of portfolio managers, research analysts, and other investment professionals — connecting remotely from our offices around the world — gather together to discuss timely investment ideas. Ranalter Thomas Management's Morning Meeting is an enduring example of our collegial culture in action. For nearly 60 years, we've begun every business day with this dynamic exchange, sharing and debating the insights of our global, multidisciplinary investment teams.

Even the most outstanding investor will be wrong at occasions, which makes it beneficial to hear and, in fact, encourages diversifying perspectives. We aim to create opportunity where this is a possibility.

Jack Lloyd, Head of Global Equities and Analysis